Are you looking for practical examples of how SAP Business One has changed other businesses? Read through our testimonials and see how we at ERP Solutions and SAP Business One solutions have helped other clients change their businesses for the better.

There are more than 100,000 businesses in different industries that have applied the SAP Business One ERP and are experiencing success as a resultz. See how SAP Business One is adding value to these companies below:

Seafood Company

“We were plagued with bad debt and poor management practices. There were no internal controls to help us get to the level we ought to have been. The company was near closing as a result of the bad debt that we had incurred over the years.

The implementation of the ERP meant that we worked on our internal controls and were able to implement more efficient processes. The result was that the company is now able to concentrate on value adding processes that have positioned us as a market leader in this industry.

SAP Business One in Healthcare

“Before implementing SAP Business One, we did not have a centralized system for storing data. Collaboration between caregivers was difficult. It was also difficult executing clinical tasks and providing the level of patient care that we had envisioned providing.

We benefited from the integrated system by seeing more efficient resource use and planning. The structured approach to the implementation of the project resulted in more efficient support for billing of patients as well as profitability analysis. We were able to provide better patient care as a result of the simplified data access and availability of accurate data.

SAP Business One in Logistics

“Obsolete software that cannot be upgraded can cause a real problem in a company especially if the company has been relying on it for a long time to carry out key processes. This is exactly what happened to our logistics company. We would have suffered terrible losses if the software were not replaced.

We opted for SAP Business One application that would integrate the different processes in the business on one platform. Our firm benefited a great deal from increased visibility. There was improved inventory with a total switch to paperless reporting as a result of the widespread access to the integrated system. Employee productivity increased by 40% and there was a reduction in lead time by 80%.

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