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Posted by admin, 15 Aug 2014

Managing a small business can be difficult. Are you finding it hard to stay on top of your business? Do you find it difficult to focus on growth while trying to ensure that the business is running efficiently? SAP Business One may be the ERP you need to help you manage and grow your business.

SAP Business One was designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of small and medium sized businesses. It is an affordable management system designed for flexibility. It can therefore be adapted to meet your specific needs and can grow with your business.

SAP Business One allows you to view your entire business from a single platform. You will have complete control over the different operational aspects of your business. All critical processes and functions within small businesses can be captured on the system and accessed anytime from anywhere.

Why SAP Business One

SAP Business One is unlike many other accounting packages and spreadsheets. This management system allows you to integrate as many critical processes within your business into one system. You can therefore view all information about your business and make decisions much faster.

The system enables you to view information that is up to date. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Decisions are therefore not delayed. It also reduces the need for repetitive data entry.

Comprehensive Features

SAP Business One offers some of the most comprehensive business management features you’ll find on any ERP available today. These include:


SAP Business One allows you to handle all you financial transactions on a single system. These include account set up, general ledger, cost centers, budgets and many more.


You can manage transactions and issue orders or quotes, update stocks, handle returns and credits as well as process payments.


Manage purchasing data including creating quotes, invoices, deliveries, customer orders, updating stocks and accounts receivables all from a single system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Store all the information aboutyour customers in one place where you can have complete control over it. You can access information including contact summaries, sales analysis, customer and supplier profiles as well as account balances


Manage stock levels, price lists, transfers, transactions and price agreements from a single platform.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Schedule the delivery and purchase of materials for production with SAP Business One’s powerful planning system.

These and many other features of SAP Business One make it one of the best management systems for small businesses that seek to run more efficiently and concentrate on growth.

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